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[For Both Volumes]

Product Information
Region Code:
1 (For Both)

Picture Format: NTSC (For Both)

Product Format:
DVD (16:9 Wide Screen) (For Both)

Street Date:
Volume 1: November 2008
Volume 2: December 2008

Volume 1: 880604000817

Volume 2: 880604000817

Korean (For Both)
Subtitles: English (For Both)
YA Entertainment

Number of Disc:
Volume 1: 4
Volume 2: 4


Volume 1: $79.99
Volume 2:

Rating: This film has not yet been rated

Kim Rae Won (What Planet Are You From?),
Nam Sang Mi (Sweet Spy),
Kim So Yun (All About Eve)
Kwon Oh Joong (Damo)

Genre: Romance/Comedy
Approx. Running Time:
(24 Hours Total)
Volume 1: 720 Minutes
Volume 2: 720 Minutes

Number of Episodes: (24 Episodes, 1 hour long each)
Volume 1: 12 Episodes
Volume 2: 12 Episodes

Volume 1: TBA
Volume 2: TBA

Selling Points:

  • Features an amazing all-star cast. Four of Koreas top K-drama superstars all in one breakthrough new drama.

  • Features vivid cinematography, elaborate costumes and set designs (production cost of over $10.6 million USD)

  • Recently broadcasted in Korea from June 2008-to-Oct. 2008

  • Available in the United States for the first time.

  • Features high quality English subtitles.

  • Promotional material available upon request. (posters, sample boxes & discs)


Discover the beauty and complexity of Korean cuisine in Gourmet, the 2008 breakthrough drama featuring some of the biggest names in Korean dramas.

Korean heartthrob Kim Rae Won (What Planet Are You From?, My Little Bride) stars as Sung-Chan, the warm-hearted chef-in-training who loves to cook. In his culinary education, he befriends Jin-Soo (Nam Sang-Mi, Sweet Spy) a headstrong country girl who dreams of becoming a food critic. Although Sung-Chan and Jin-soon don’t get along at first, the two quickly join forces in order to make both their dreams come true.

But life gets complicated for Sung-Chan when his step-father learns of his culinary talents and rethinks the inheritance of the family restaurant, creating a newfound sibling rivalry between himself and his chef step-brother, Kwon Oh Joong (Damo). The two brothers begin an intense culinary battle to become top chef of the family business and to discover for once and for all, whose cuisine will reign supreme!

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'Gourmet' Brings Korean Cuisine Back to TV Screen


Seoul Broadcast System (SBS)'s ``Sikgaek'' will once again bring the delicious and colorful dishes of Korean cuisine to the television screen next week. While the hit drama ``Jewel in the Palace'' (2003) wowed fans with royal cuisine, ``Sikgaek'' will offer a wider range of dishes from traditional to everyday recipes.

``The drama is aimed to show the true potential of Korean food,'' said Choi Jong-soo, the producer of the drama, at a press conference Monday.

The drama is based on cartoonist Hur Young-man's popular namesake cartoon that first appeared as a newspaper series in 2002. The journey of the ambitious and talented chef-to-be Lee Sung-chan was also released as a movie, ``Le Grand Chef'' in 2007.

Korean heartthrob Kim Rae-won (``My Little Bride,'' 2004) will star as the warm hearted chef-in-training Lee, while actress Nam Sang-mi (TV drama ``Sweet Spy,'' 2005) will play a silly country girl, Kim Jin-soo, who trails Lee with high hopes of becoming a food columnist. Veteran actor Choi Bool-am will appear as Master Oh Sook-soo, Lee's stepfather and the only person who truly believes in Lee's potential.

Lee is a happy and bright young man who loves to cook. Leaving the heavy responsibility of becoming the head chef of Oh's famous restaurant to his stepbrother, he explores the world of cooking and discovers that he's actually good at it. When Oh announces that he will not choose his own son to become the owner and head chef, cold-hearted jealousy and competition arise

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