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* Gourmet features mouthwatering delicious Korean Cuisine!
There has been a recent uprise in interest for traditional Korean food due to the overwhelming popolarity of Korean dramas focusing on Korean cuisine. Recent food related Korean dramas are: Gourmet, Dae Jang Geum, Delicious Proposal and  I Really, Really Like You)

*According to Lee Jin Seck of JS Pictures, the production cost of Gourmet will apparently increase to 10 billion won (roughly about $10.6 million USD). With the rise in worldwide popularity of Korean programs, producers in Korea are increasing production costs and producing higher quality TV dramas.

*Gourmet was based on the popular comic book by the same name. With the overwhelming success of last year's comic book adaption of Palace and as well Someday (Starring Bae Do Na from the summer blockbuster The Host), there is a current trend in comic book/drama crossovers

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